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8i. Accessories for Soap Finishing Lines

Soap Manufacturing > 8. Soap Finishing Line
Some accessories can be used in a soap finishing line:
The conveyors are used to transport the soap from one machine to another; usually one conveyor is installed between the Mixer and the simplex plodder / roll mill. From here another conveyor transports the soap to the duplex vacuum plodder. Usually a connecting conveyor is installed between the soap cutter and the soap press.
A soap finishing line that includes a flash-stamping soap press, usually also includes a recycle conveyors system, composed by two or three conveyors that transport back the flashing, produced by the soap press, to the duplex vacuum plodder for the recycle.
The soap noodles are sold in bags of 25 Kilos of in a big bag of 1 ton. In case of big bag it is necessary to install an unloading station with one loading position and one discharge position. Usually his system is completed with one Rotary Valve to deliver the product to the downstream conveyor.
In soap finishing line with medium/big capacity, the weigh scale is installed over the mixer. The soap noodles are loaded in the weigh scale by means of a conveyor that stops automatically when the required amount of soap noodles has been reached.
Liquid additives and fragrances can be fed in the mixer by means of an automatic dosing system composed by a dosing pump and a tank.
Powder additives can be fed in the mixer by means of a screw dosing system, composed by a dosing screw with a hopper for the powder.
A metal detector can be installed in a soap finishing line, between the soap cutter and the soap press. If the cut soap bars contains a small metallic parts, the metal detector expel this soap bar from the line. This is useful to avoid metallic parts in the final soap and also to avoid to damage the die-set during the soap stamping.

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