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7c. Chill Rolls for Soap Manufacturing

Soap Manufacturing > 7. Soap Drying & Cooling
The chill rolls were used in soap manufacturing before the advent of the Vacuum Drying Plant, but only for laundry soap bars with low TFM. This machine can not adjust the moisture percentage of the soap; chill rolls are studied only to cool and solidify the soap that come out from the saponification plant. For this reason, before the advent of the JET saponification device, it was not possible to use the chill roll to produce toilet soap with high TFM.
Thanks to the JET saponification plant, in the last years many soap factories start to replace the Vacuum Drying Plant with the chill rolls, due to the possibility to produce concentrated neat soap that already included the required moisture level. For this reason it is not necessary to install a Vacuum Drying Plant, because the soap produced by means of Jet saponification plant required only to be solidified and the chill rolls is the right application.
The Chill Rolls, also called soap drum flakers, has a two special, counter-rotating stainless steel rolls equipped with internal cooling jacket. Cold water is conveyed through in a spiral pattern all around the inner surface of the drum, to grant a uniform heat transmission. The drums are equipped with rotary joints for proper water distribution and consistent water recycling in a closed circuit when using a water chiller.
Separate motor-reducers drive each drum and the product discharge conveyor. These independent drives allow easy maintenance and flexibility of operation.
Liquid soap is pumped on the rolls that spread it evenly among them, in a 0.3 —0.5 mm thick layer that is quickly cooled down and solidified. Product is then scraped off the rolls, by the doctor blades, in form of flakes and fall onto a discharge conveyor belt. Soap Chill Rolls is suitable to produce soap flakes from liquid soap at 80-90°C.

7. Soap Drying & Cooling

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