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9g. Soap Infeed Systems

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The soap wrappers, soap cartoners and soap flow packs assemble different types of soap infeed systems according with the production range of each machine.
The more primitive infeed system consist in one or more pushers, but the risk to damage the soap surface must be considered, especially for toilet soap bars. A widely diffused infeed system for these soap packaging machines is a mechanical rotary turret with 4 suction cups. This system can work with a maximum speed of 200 soaps per minute.
For faster applications two mechanical rotary turrets on two lanes can be used to reach 300 or more wraps per minute. Also a big rotary turret with 8 or 12 suction cups is used on some soap packaging machines.
The fastest infeed systems for soap packaging machines are continuous motion systems controlled by PLC and moved by means of servo drive motors. These systems are composed with some phased belts and many suction cups that moves in lane with the same speed of the machine. The reached speed is up to 600 soap bars per minute.
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