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8a. Soap Finishing Lines

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As described in the previous chapter, the solidification process (by Soap Vacuum Drying Plant or Soap Chill Rolls) produce solid soap in from of Noodles or flakes. The oleo chemical companies involved in soap raw materials sell on the market soap noodles.
The soap finishing line is a manufacturing line for soap bars, composed with different machines, necessary to transform the soap noodles in finished soap bars. The most important work during this process is the level of soap refining. There are different configurations of Soap Finishing Lines, depending from the required finished soap bars.
Typical configurations of soap finishing lines are composed with the following soap machines:

In case of special toilet soap bars that required more refining stages, both soap machines: Simplex Refiner Plodder and Three Roll Mill are used in the same line.
It is also possible to find Soap Finishing Line with Simplex Refiner Plodder and 2 or 3 roll mills; this is a typical configuration of Soap Finishing Line made in Asiatic countries, due to the low quality of the soap machines produced in these countries. 

In case of laundry soap bars with a high percentage of fillers, both soap machines: Simplex Refiner Plodder and Three Roll Mill are used in the same line. 

In the last fifteen years an Italian soap machines manufacturer developed Special duplex vacuum plodders, characterized by special long extrusion screw with 2 different diameters, flexible refining stages and high power motors. These special soap plodders are able to refine the soap avoiding the use of a simplex refiner plodder or a three roll mill.

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