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5a. Small Scale Soap Manufacturing System

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This saponification system is generally used to produce hand-made soap bars. The Cold Process uses the isothermal heat produced by the mixing reaction of natural oils with caustic soda solution. Usually the caustic soda solution is discounted, to produce soap without any alkalis; this practice is also called “super-fat” because the soap contains a few percentage of oil in excess. It is useful to produce delicate soap for skin and also special soaps that cannot be produced with industrial saponification plants.
The Cold Process is an easy system to produce soap in small quantities, for this reason there are a lot of soap-makers that produce soap bars, using cold process system, mainly for hobby; it is also true that there are many companies that produce hand-made soap bars for sale.
The soap produced by means of cold process is the more natural soap in the world. Unlike the industrial process, the cold process produces a soap without chemical additives or odd ingredients. This kind of soap is also used for skin cure and it can find many applications for acne and other skin problems. Moreover, thanks to the low temperature of oils, this soap contains many precious natural ingredients that are burned in the industrial soap manufacturing.
To calculate the amount of Caustic Soda and other parameters, you can use our Soap Calculator for handmade soap.

5. Small Scale soap Making

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