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2018-02-14 18:10:08
Hi Mousab

You have to use Jet saponification + soap chill rolls or crutcher + vacuum dryer plant
Mousab Obied
2018-02-14 17:33:15
How I can make soap with TFM 75%, I use crutcher Batch.
2018-02-05 09:46:43
Hi Ruth

to produce your laundry soap bars you can use 50% Palm Oil + 40% PFAD + 10% PKO. at the end we add 10% of talc and 8% of sodium silicate
Ruth Gandanzara
2018-02-03 10:48:45
I am looking for basic bar laundry soap making recipe that uses tallow and dolomite or talc
2017-12-20 04:44:27
HI...Good day to you all. I want to make small scale laundry soap bar. The region I intend for sale is of HARD WATER. What sort of water softening agent I should add to the soap.
2017-11-28 14:31:50
To Pankaj Dhatwalia: which brand/model of stamping machine are you using ?
pankaj dhatwalia
2017-11-27 13:12:01
sir , i want to know the reason behind that how the bolts of base plate of stamping machine broken, how we can protect the bolts of base plate for a long time from damage .
2017-10-02 11:24:40
we are manufacturing washing soap in creature with use of flaker, roll mill, and ploder.
but after 2-3 days soap bar become white ness powder on the soap.plz sugest to out me of this type of problem.. thank you
2017-08-30 16:00:23
To Moses: the best formula for laundry soap is 80% Tallow and 20% PKO or CO
Moses Akpan
2017-08-26 23:27:52
I've learn something in your site today

1.) PKO and CO can be use interchangeably and also PO, Tallow and Lard. I've confirm this is so.

2.) PKO and CO are harder, foamy and cleanses more than PO, Tallow and Lard. But my practical observation shows something different. The later make a harder bar and cleanses more than the former. But I can confirm the later foams more.

Before now my Laundry bar recipe was 100% PKO and 80PKO:20T. But now I want to make 60T:40PKO with zero superfat. I think I'm going to get a harder, foamy and better bar with a higher cleansing power for washing cloths.
2017-08-26 06:31:23
For David:
To dry = remove moisture, you have to use a Soap Dryer.
To give hardness, you can use kaolin or dolomite.
David Gbenga
2017-08-25 11:31:10
Good day
Am Gbenga,pls what filler can be use as drying agent for laundry bar soap
2017-08-13 16:54:17
To: Arman: Soap Noodles 78% TFM + Colourant + Fragrance
Arman SHah
2017-07-11 15:31:43
Is there any body let me know formula for Beauty Soap?
2017-06-12 08:34:33
To Ankit Singh: increase the Vacuum Level in the Atomizer and decrease the Temperatutre of the Water in the Cooling Tower.
2017-06-09 21:42:31
Hi all
We are doing industrial soap manufacturing, currently doing full boil toilet soap manually in a pan and would like some help
When manufacturing swing noodles just using a crutcher, i am currently having a problem where the moisture is around 22%, the noodles feel abit brittle when come out of the dryer. After all additions in a mixer and put through a finishing the soap cracks immediately after stamping. When full boil was done we never had this issue.
The blend is a 80.20 palm stearin, pko blend.
Caustic lye at 49%.

Can anyone help
Thank you.
Ankit Singh
2017-05-30 11:20:14
I have been facing a problem of Noodle temperature increasing repeatedly after the noodles are collected from the Atomizer (Soap Dryer).
I have been given a project to find the cause for this and rectify it.
Could you please tell me the probable reasons why this could happen?
One reason that I could think of was that the water fed to the vacuum pump was of a higher temperature (about 34-35 degC)
2017-05-15 10:20:50
Hi Fana. To help you we need to have more details about your soap making process.
fana haregot
2017-05-15 10:02:28
hi i am using dolomite as a filler in my laundry soap but i am facing cracking with my laundry soap.dose particle size of the dolomite have effect on the cracking.
H G Manurung
2017-03-23 15:00:31
Hi all.,
I am a practiciant of soap process. If there is anybody who want to search for teh best soap noodle in Indonesia, you can contact me. Thanx
2017-03-20 19:20:00
Rashad Umarov
2017-01-25 17:40:12
Hi.We write you from Azerbaijan.We want build a soap manufacturer capasity approximately 100kg/h but we don't know where start choose right soap noodle?where we buy it?its raw materials,machines and others.We need somebody help us deeply step by step in this work.We are ready to do payment for this help.Thanks for attention.i'll wait your answer
2016-12-15 21:55:52
Hi soarers,
I'm in a place where I can only get soap stock in large quantities and cheaply. I'm interested in making laundry bar soap. Any body there that can help to come up with a working recipe.
Soap stock+lye+water+tallow without those essential oils.
Many thanks
2016-12-09 09:19:18
I am looking a cheap system to bleach small batches of crude palm oil. I want to use palm oil to produce white toilet soap. Help please
2016-10-26 23:18:08
to: RAMSINGH: There's only one way to produce a soap with PH 7: make a synthetic soap. With 80/20 is not possible.
2016-10-26 08:28:06
pl send us laundary soap formulation and clear transparent bathing bar formulation by saponification process and how to down ph of normal soap noodle 80:20 in range of ph 7

ram singh
2016-10-03 16:30:24
I dont know. I buy different types, usually the cheapest available
2016-09-21 19:43:07
Thanks Jack. Is there any specific grade or specification of calcium carbonate recommended for soap fillers?
2016-09-20 16:06:01
Hi Fady. I use calcium carbonate as fillers at 5%
2016-09-19 08:41:37
Hi, is it possible to use Calcium Carbonate instead of Talc as a filler?
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